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Why Renew ESTA?

It may be especially important to renew ESTA for business people or other professionals who frequently travel to the United States. The travel authorization is only valid for up to two years. After the two years have passed or a passport with a travel authorization has expired, it is possible to re-apply for a new travel authorization. You may also fill out and submit the ESTA renewal form if any legal changes have been made to your passport. Any changes to name, citizenship, gender or if you have received a new passport requires a renewal of the ESTA Visa if you plan to visit the United States under the VWP. Once you renew your ESTA, you are making obsolete your previous authorization, and the new application number is what you use for your next travel to the United States. Since your personal details have changed, the profile on your authorization must also be updated with these changes as your travel authorization is linked to your passport.

It is useful to have secured an American travel authorization in good time before any travels to the United States of America. For easy travel, make sure that your American travel authorization always is up-to-date and not expired or lost. The ESTA renewal form is essentially the same as applying for a new ESTA visa, and you will need all the same documents you prepared for your last application.


When Do I Need To Renew My ESTA Visa?

For you to renew your ESTA, you will be required to submit a new ESTA application under the following circumstances:

  • You are issued a new passport;
  • Your country of citizenship changes;
  • Your legal name changes;
  • Your legal gender changes;
  • Your circumstances change in a way which would alter any of your responses to the ESTA form's yes-or-no questions;
  • Two years elapse from the date of your prior ESTA approval and it expires.

Travel safe with a renewed ESTA


How long is the ESTA application data stored?

The data saved for an ESTA application will remain on the servers for a maximum of two years. It is the period that the approved US Visa is valid, or until the traveler's passport expires. The DHS will maintain this information for up to one additional year. Once the period passes, the data will be moved to the archive where it will be kept for information recovery as required by national security legislation.

Once the information is archived, the number of officials with access to it will be further limited. This retention is consistent both with CBP’s border search authority and with the border security mission mandated for CBP by Congress.

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